Freeman Dental Associates Is Giving Back

We love helping our patients smile through life’s greatest moments but what about when it’s difficult to find a reason to smile? Community involvement is our way to support the smile makers during troublesome times. There are so many reasons why we love our community, but Wicked Good Cause is definitely at the top of the list. Wicked Good Cause is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support to local families during times of trial.

Every year, Freeman Dental Associates supports this great cause because we love what they do for our community. That is why we are so happy to hear of the growth of the organization and the steps they are taking to help even more South Shore families.

Dedication to Local Families

This year’s winter gala was a turning point for Wicked Good Cause. Instead of having specific recipients for the ball, this year’s gala was dedicated to raising overall funds to assist recipients over the course of the entire year.

Each year, we sponsor the gala so that we can help the cause and each year, we are incredibly moved by all of the inspiring stories of the goodness in our community and how we all help each other in times of need. It is indeed a privilege to contribute annually to this great cause. To be a part of a community, support is critical both during the good and the bad.

To learn more about Wicked Good Cause and how you can help visit their website at Stay tuned for more updates about Wicked Good and the impact is making on the South Shore.


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