The Importance of Emergency Dentists Show at Freeman Dental

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Have you ever been playing a sport, and an elbow meets your mouth? While they are playing contact sports like football or rugby, players can be prone to injuries. Accidents from sports that involve blows to the mouth and cause tooth pain can be very detrimental to your dental health.

Anything resulting in something dangerous such as a broken tooth or missing teeth requires immediate attention from an emergency dentist. These dentists specialize in dental emergencies such as a missing tooth, a broken tooth, or a painful toothache.

With a missing tooth, an emergency dentist might recommend a dental implant. A dental implant is a screw that is put into the site of the missing tooth and acts as the root of the tooth. Time is given to allow the bone to bond to the screw. Luckily, you do not need to keep the tooth that fell out of your mouth! The dentists will put a new tooth where it is missing whether it may be a dental crown, bridge, or denture.

Dentures are a good option for people who have bigger amounts of teeth missing. There are two types, dentures, and partial dentures. As you can guess, partial dentures are for people who only have some teeth missing, while dentures are for people who need them for an entire row of teeth.

Another way emergency dentists will help with missing teeth is with a dental bridge. A bridge, as the name suggests, is for a row of teeth that are missing and are a bit different from dentures because a bridge is a permanent appliance. All ways of repairing your smile are effective and depend on what your situation is.

In the case of a broken tooth, emergency dentists will recommend a filling, crown, or veneer. Fillings are used to fill holes and bond to your teeth. They also serve as insulation for your teeth so that when you’re drinking ice cold water or super hot coffee, it does not feel uncomfortable. There is no need to worry about your smile as the filling that the dentist gives you will also be the same color as your teeth.

If a tooth is too damaged or decayed for a filling, then emergency dentists would use a crown. Once again, as the name suggests, the crown fits right over the damaged tooth. Crowns can also be used to strengthen and support weaker teeth that may not be completely damaged.

While the fillings and crowns were more for structural and functional repair, veneers are more for aesthetics, but they do still help with the teeth. Veneers can be used to correct things such as gaps between the teeth, slight imperfections, and discoloration, while still keeping the tooth healthy by restoring chipped, broken, fractured, or worn teeth.

Whether you have a minor chip in your tooth, or a whole tooth missing, go see an emergency dentist to get the treatment that you need.

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